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The reviews are in and A Grip of Time is not to miss!  Enjoy just a handful of the over 40 five-star reviews A Grip of Time: When Prison is Your Life has received below. 

“Kessler gives a pulsing heart and a human face to this portion of the population all too often forgotten outside the walls. An incisive, welcome look at prison life in the U.S.” — Kirkus Reviews

"I am grateful to Lauren Kessler and to these members of that writing group. I, frankly, didn’t know who I was dealing with. The book, in my newly humbled view of prisoners and yes, my cancer free (for the moment) opinion, is a gift to be read perhaps more than once." - Amazon Verified Customer, Claudia

The book provides insight into life inside a maximum-security prison while illuminating the benefits of the craft of writing. . . . This compassionate account reveals a bit of what life is like inside prison, and a bit about how writing can forge connections among vastly different people.” — Publishers Weekly

 "These men become so much more than simply criminals to Lauren Kessler. The trust that flourishes in the workshop and the writing that grows from that trust makes for an inspirational narrative. Despite being lifers sentenced the tedium of prison; these men do indeed have hearts and quite movingly write from those hearts." - Amazon Verified Customer, A. B

"Outstanding book. The author drew you in more and more as the book progressed. Highly recommend this book for book clubs." - Amazon Verified Customer

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