Heroes Behind the Revolution

The following is a guest blog post from Stacey Redfield, co-author of author of The Pilates Effect: Heroes Behind The Revolution. Available in bookstores everywhere on September 1, 2019.

Stacey Redfield and Sarah Holmes, authors of The Pilates Effect, are a unique collaboration. The two met at a Pilates conference in 2010 where Stacey was presenting new information she had uncovered about the founder of Pilates, Joe Pilates himself. Sarah attended as a PhD student, then researching her dissertation on the issues of race, class, and gender surrounding Pilates. The two spoke briefly after the presentation and that was the extent of their encounter.

Sarah went on to earn her degree, after completing her dissertation, “A Critical Dance Studies Examination of the Teaching Methodologies, Exercises, and Principles of Pilates.” Stacey returned to her Pilates studio, where she attempted to publish a book about the Pilates industry that was turned down by every publisher in New York City. Her manuscript sat untouched for nearly a decade and her collection of Pilates memorabilia was eventually (and reluctantly) sold to the highest bidder.

In 2017, Stacey received an email from Sarah asking if she would be interested in coauthoring a book. “I actually thought Sarah was joking when I read her email,” says Stacey. It had been seven years since the two had spoken, and Stacey barely remembered the encounter, let alone what Sarah looked like. Recalling her last experience attempting to publish her research, Stacey was hesitant, but thought to herself, “What the heck, I don’t have anything to lose.” Fortunately for us all, she accepted Sarah’s offer.

“We were both so passionate about telling the story of Pilates,” says Stacey. “The proposal came together easily.” Even so, Stacey honestly never thought the proposal would be accepted. They both knew the value of Pilates, but they needed to convince the publisher. Stacey couldn’t believe it when Sarah called to tell her, “It looks like we’re writing a book together.” It was then that Sarah shared with Stacey that during their chance encounter at the Pilates conference seven years earlier, she knew in her gut that one day they would write a book together.

The Pilates Effect is more than the story of the people who blindly trusted a man to heal their bodies. It is also the story of two women with different perspectives and backgrounds, two strangers who came together through Pilates to tell the story.

About the Author

Stacey RedfieldStacey Redfield is an actress, model, and spokesperson. Her Pilates career began after over a decade of weight training, aerobics, and two babies didn’t leave many options for exercise. She quickly became a believer in the health impacts of the system and opened the Physical Methods Pilates Studio in 2000. Stacy connected with Stacey on social media on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and her website. Available in bookstores everywhere on September 1, 2019, preorder The Pilates Effect: Heros Behind The Revolution at your favorite bookstore.