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Bourbon can be intimidating for first timers, but Linda Ruffenach is on a mission to help readers find their way to enjoy bourbon and embark on their own bourbon adventure. Ruffenach’s new book, How to Be a Bourbon Badass, introduces novices and experts alike to new ways to drink and eat bourbon, while revealing bourbon’s uniquely American heritage.

“Ruffenach offers sage advice from master distillers and leading bourbon experts, as well as homespun recipes for cocktails and food so that you can drink and eat your bourbon,” explains Albert W. A. Schmid, author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook and The Hot Brown.

Ruffenach helps readers find their favorite brands through tasting guides and by sharing insider stories about legendary distilleries and master distillers—and the up and coming rock stars who are shaking up the industry. Ruffenach insists, “there is no right way or wrong way to drink bourbon. The only way that matters is your way!” The book includes something for everyone, with drink recipes from the classic bourbon highball to fresh twists like bourbon apple cider rimmed in cinnamon sugar or strawberry bourbon lemonade, and food recipes like bacon-wrapped dates with a bourbon glaze and chocolate bourbon pecan pie. One drink, Whisky Chicks Sunrise, takes its name from the organization Ruffenach founded to help women connect outside of work and kids and feel empowered by becoming experts in what is often considered a “man’s drink.” The book, like the organization, educates readers on how bourbon is made, how to read a bourbon label, and how to order bourbon: neat, on the rocks, straight up, or with a twist.

“One of the most fun, easy, and approachable books about how to enjoy bourbon. It strips away all the pomp and gets to what matters,” praises Colin Blake, Director of Spirits Education at Moonshine University.

How to Be a Bourbon Badass also includes fun and inspiring stories about how newfound bourbon badass confidence has impacted lives, personally and professionally, like the story of Jane Bowie, whose exploration into bourbon while teaching English in Japan helped her land a job as the international brand ambassador for Maker’s Mark. Wherever readers’ find themselves on their personal bourbon journey, Ruffenach is sure to lead them through new brands, recipes, and drinks, to an enjoyable bourbon experience.

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About the Author

Linda Ruffenach is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the founder of Whisky Chicks. She believes that sharing a glass of bourbon and learning about America’s native spirit are great common denominators to bring people together. Ruffenach takes pride in creating experiences that makes learning about Kentucky bourbon approachable, fun, and informative.


Book Information— How to Be a Bourbon Badass

By Linda Ruffenach

175 pages, 7.5 x 8.5

Hardback ISBN 978-1-68435-008-7 $24.00

eBook ISBN 978-1-68435-009-4 $23.99

Publication Date: April 1, 2018

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