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In Pence: The Path to Power, the first definitive biography of Mike Pence, journalist Andrea Neal explores Pence’s trajectory from conservative talk radio host to vice president, revealing his journey to the White House and the events and people that influenced his political beliefs.

Pence: The Path to Power is essential to understanding how Mike Pence's zig-zagging path between politics and conservative media shaped him and his philosophies,” said political writer Ryan Alessi, “Andrea Neal describes the enigma of the 48th vice president as: 'How could a biblically-based Christian so readily align himself with a man prone to flout the most recognized rules of civility?' Her book, rich with anecdotes and vivid examples, provides the context for us to answer that question.”

While some other accounts may offer a partisan spin on Pence’s life story, Neal interviews friends, family, staff, former teachers, and politicians on both sides of the aisle to build a multifaceted, fact-based portrait of the self-described Christian, conservative, and Republican–in that order–from his beginnings in a large Irish Catholic family in Columbus, Indiana, through the scandals of his first campaigns, and to his time beside Donald Trump. Neal tackles all aspects of Pence’s career: from the early days when “he seemed like the kind of person that people hoped would get into politics” (Columbus Republic reporter John Schorg) to the controversy and protests around the Religious Freedom Restoration Act while he was governor of Indiana.

Even before Pence launched his political career, pedaling a one-speed bicycle across the Second Congressional District with a one-in-ten chance of winning, Neal reveals that Pence was strategizing and planning for the presidency—even as early as high school and college. With vivid and candid anecdotes and examples, Neal uncovers the beliefs and motivations that compel Pence’s decisions.

“I have known Pence since his early days in Congress,” explained columnist Cal Thomas, “He is a man of great personal character and professional integrity, and his life is guided by his strong faith in God and commitment to his family.”

Like President Trump, Mike Pence is a polarizing figure: To some, he is the personification of American conservative values, but to others his ideals are the epitome of prejudice and bigotry. Pence: The Path to Power cuts through partisan rhetoric to reveal the facts about Pence’s life, motivations, and actions, empowering readers to make their own informed decisions about the man one heartbeat from the presidency.

About the Author

Andrea Neal is a journalist, American history teacher, and native Hoosier. A graduate of Brown University, she is author of Road Trip: A Pocket History of Indiana. She currently lives in Indianapolis.

Author photo provided courtesy of Casey Cronin.

Book Information— Pence: The Path to Power

By Andrea Neal

302 pages, 6 x 9, 20 illus.

Hardback ISBN 978-1-68435-037-7 $22.00

eBook ISBN 978-1-68435-009-4 $23.99

Publication Date: August 1, 2018

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