Pilgrims of Woodstock: Never-Before-Seen Photos

The following is a book announcement for Pilgrims of Woodstock: Never-Before-Seen Photos by John Kane, coming to bookstores on August 1, 2019. 

In the summer of 1969, 400,000 people from across the country came together and redefined the music scene forever. Though the legacy and lore of Woodstock lives on in the memory of its attendees, a new generation can experience the real and unedited festival through Richard Bellak’s never-before-seen photographs and John Kane’s incredible new interviews.

Pilgrims of Woodstock: Never-Before-Seen Photos offers a vivid and intimate portrait of the overlooked stars of the festival: the everyday people who made Woodstock unforgettable. The photographs and firsthand interviews, captures attendees’ profound personal moments across hundreds of acres of farmland, as they meditated, played music, and congregated around campfires. Although music was the dominant and unifying connection that weekend, the attendees were actually the performers. The conduct of those who attended as the world looked on demonstrated how one could behave under extreme conditions. For three days, they helped and relied on each other in peace and harmony. For most, it was a life-changing event on the weekend of August 15-17, 1969. Now, as the 50th anniversary of the famed festival approaches, Pilgrims of Woodstock highlights the people who made it unforgettable.


About the Author 

John Kane


John Kane, D.A., grew up in Somerville, MA. He is an educator, artist and author. For the last decade he has been a college professor teaching media, leadership, and visual art courses. His research interests tend toward historical musicological topics with a focus on the early development of live concert sound reinforcement. He resides on the seacoast of New Hampshire. The Pilgrims of Woodstock is his debut work. Follow the Pilgrims of Woodstock Facebook page and the Pilgrims of Woodstock website for more information. 





Book Information— Pilgrims of Woodstock: Never Before Seen Photos

By John Kane

250 pages, 10 x 10, 97 b&w illus., 25 color illus.

Hardback ISBN 978-1-68435-082-7 $40.00

eBook ISBN 978-1-68435-085-8 $29.99

Publication Date: August 1, 2019

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