Woodstock Photo Preview

400,000 people from across the country came together in the summer of 1969 for Woodstock and redefined the way we experience music forever.

Now, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famed festival, relive the experiences of the overlooked stars of the 3-day event: the everyday people that made Woodstock unforgettable. Through Richard Bellak's never-before-seen photographs and author John Kane's incredible new interviews; you can take a trip back and witness the profound personal experiences that took place. For three days, Woodstock attendees helped and relied on each other in peace and harmony, and you can catch a glimpse of these becautiful moments below.

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Photo 1/5: "There were groups of people partying everywhere. There where different campfires all over." - Sandra
Photo 2/5: "when we came out of the woods, we arrived at this great natural bowl." - Maurice

Photo 3/5: "In those days you heard a lot about communes. The Hog Farm was a commune that all us hippies knew about."- Poppy
Photo 4/5: "It was a sea of people walking. It was also a sea of color." - Camille
Photo 5/5: "Around 1968 it kind of hit me that the sixties scene was burning out. I was at a crossroads in my life. I got a draft notice and wound up joining the air force to keep out of Vietnam." -Carl

Pilgrims of Woodstock: Never-Before-Seen Photos

Over 100 Never-Before-Seen Photos in Pilgrims of Woodstock

Pilgrims of Woodstock offers a vivid and intimate portrait of the overlooked stars of the festival: the everyday people who made Woodstock unforgettable. The photographs and interviews capture attendees' profound personal moments across hundreds of acres of farmland, as they meditated, played music, cooked food at night, and congregated around campfires. For three days, they helped and relied on each other in peace and harmony. For most, it was a life-changing event. Now, as the 50th anniversary of the famed festival approaches, relive their experiences firsthand in Pilgrims of Woodstock.  

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